There are many delights for you to find on our site.

From commission work, where the only limit to what can be achieved in design is your imagination,  to our online store which is being developed as you read this.


Very soon you’ll be able to treat yourself, the man or woman in your life by gazing through and purchasing jewellery from inspired designers that will be featured on our site.

Some pieces will be regular stock lines, but some are unique made to order pieces that will give timeless pleasure to both giver and wearer.



The introduction of our online store will feature designers who draw inspiration from their surroundings. Our designers have been selected for their insight to what makes desirable and wearable jewellery. 

And of course, our very own Hearts Of Life Jewellery range will be included, the sale of which will see a donation made to the British Heart Foundation for their tireless work and research.

If you’d love to know when our store is ready to view, and to get the chance of a special welcome offer when it is, please fill in your details here

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